Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Need 3 players for Friday night

Tom and Chris needs some buds to come out and play this Friday night (around 7pm). Need three more for the BFG. Also noting that Sunday will be the sign up for the June games.

Meanwhile we have some cards, mainly Braves from SportLots. The ones that are NOT Braves are Pre-Braves cards.

Yes, Bazooka Joe is a Braves card. I thought I had this one, maybe I have the mini. A couple of Super Teams cards, some more Total cards I needed Helms and Ennis close out the base for that years team set. Now how about that Orange card, cool all by itself, and oh look it is a Miller. But, that's not all....

It is a John Miller, and to add to the opleasure of the card it is number 2020. Works for me. The logo is a tattoo.

Nice pyramid of Braves.

I do not like Panini Stars n Stripes (green eggs and ham running through my brain right now).

This one was shiny and who the heck is Martin and why did I grab him up?

because Chipper is on the back.

Four 582 Montgomery cards, a few Pinks, a holo, and Independence Acuna!

Love the uni, but Topps missed the ball with the front design.

The back is okay though.

See ya tomorrow with Wacky Packages series 5. (The original series 5).


  1. I'll join for Friday, but I don't think I'll be able to be active at thst time. I'll try, but you may need to get your boot ready.

  2. I'd love to collect all of the different teams of that Bazooka Joe card. Can't wait to see more WP cards tomorrow!

  3. If you need someone LMK but if you find others go with them.... Thanks

  4. I kinda like the Decade's Next design personally.

  5. That Wes Covington photo looks familiar - from that great '61 card of his. I don't remember seeing that Burdette photo before though. Can't think of another card photo taken under the bleachers.

  6. Looks like you may have Friday covered, if not let me know and I can play.

    1. I don't you're #4 for this Friday. Now we just need 1 more player