Tuesday, May 19, 2020

WACKY Wednesday: 1974 Series 4

Series 4 came with tan backs only. There are the standard 1* and 2 **, but there is also other copyright variations which I do not own any of those.

I do have the complete set (minus the two very rare stickers: BumChex $60.00, and Choke Wagon $80.00) with many of the stickers having both *, **. I have 1 of the 2 different checklist, but do not have a wrapper or unopened pack. I also have the easiest puzzle, but not the rarer puzzle which is also the tough checklist that I don't own.

Why am I telling you all of this instead of showing you?

Because these are the only ones that I have here in Valdosta with me. That concerning thing I had with my Series 2 pertains to these as well. And instead of borrowing the images I thought I would show you what I have here and also as a bonus the 1967 punch out and the two 1974 tattoos I have.

There you have it.  Now if only I could have more than 15 minutes at my house (that's is all I seem to be able to manage when I run home). Maybe, just maybe I can find the missing sets.


  1. Gotta get me several of those still, but the Hipton tops the list.

  2. So why are BumChex and Choke Wagon so expensive? Is it because they were extra popular with kids back then, so they were stuck on more binders, and less exist today. Were they short printed? Just curious. I really enjoy getting my weekly fill of WP and the history of it from your blog. Thanks in advance.

    1. They were pulled in the early days of production to to a Cease & Desist order given to Topps.

    2. Oh. Very cool. Hope both of these will one day find their way into your collection.