Monday, May 25, 2020

Blogger BINGO qualifiers

First thank you to the families of the soldiers/seaman/airmen that gave their all. Peace on this Memorial Day!

Three more bloggers sent me Braves this week, and I believe that makes 7 players for the first round of Bingo. We will definitely have enough to to make the JUNE BINGO night. Now to just decide on what night to play. Most certainly will need an hour, 2 at most. I know we can't do Friday nights as that is reserved for the BFG. I am thinking the 3rd or 4th week of June, so from the players (listed below) I'll let y'all choose the day and week. Just comment and majority rules on the day and on the week.

Arpsmith, DK, Trevor P, Kerry, Jeremy, Bo, and Alex. Yep that's seven. But any other's that come in will get there cards too. meanwhile here is the Braves sent to me.

Kerry sent me these, and a couple of them had me scratching my head, but yep I needed all 5.

Alex and I made a deal on the relic that qualifies him for 2 Bingo rounds.

Bo sent me these two not ordinary 1994 Fleer... They are 2/3 of the Braves cards from the Sunoco set.  Bo also sent me a couple others that I didn't need. They were however on my web pages as wants, just not my excel sheet. Sometimes google updates (and doesn't really update), so I'll have to get Bo another Bingo card for round 2.  Another possibility is that with all of the Braves I've been getting in from Sportlots (also sitting in my ComC inventory) they will marked off on my excel, but just not on the Web page. I do try to ***** for pending cards, but like I said sometimes google just doesn't really update. It happens to me all of the time, I wind up buying the same cards over and over again until it is ingrained in my brain that I have that card.  Wow, I rambled there.

Jeremy loaded me up covering his Bingo games for awhile.


  1. Haha it's tough enough to find any more Braves you still need, lately your Braves needs have been one of the first places I look when I get new cards in.
    As for Bingo - do we need a solid hour of time or can we flit in and out? With two little kids evening is tough to do a solid hour, after 9 would be better for that. Can make it work earlier if necessary. Thanks!

  2. I need a hundred thousand Braves. Bingo will me constantly adding the numbers I draw (in the comments) Someone will have to get a Bingo, and there are 3 different Bingos to get, then the double Bingo, and what will take the most time is the black out. Although I can dump a ton of numbers at once (keep in mind I have everyone's cards and I can see when someone is getting close to slow it down so that person can comment BINGO for themselves. It would be nice if it goes faster than an hour. The first round will be our learning round.

  3. The third week works better for me, but I can probably make anything work.

  4. I don't really care for products like Topps Fire... but I've gotta say that relic card is a nice looking card.

  5. I’m probably in the minority, but for me, the earlier the better with bingo. I get up for work at 4 AM Eastern time so I try to get in bed by 10 at night. I usually have Sundays off so I stay up a tad later Saturday nights or on a night when I don’t have to work the next day.

  6. I should be pretty flexible these days on date and time, no work travel, etc. As long as I know a day or two in advance I can bribe my wife to keep the kids out of my hair.