Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dang it......this is getting political

Oh no matter what side of the isle you sit (lay, stand, etc), you will find something here today. I promise. This is the last half of the items I picked up when I fell into that rabbit hole. Forgive me for the sideways pics, but the phone camera sometimes messes with me.

The Fort Bragg is supposedly from WWII era.

Everything I bought was on average $1-1.50. There was one item for .15 and the most expensive thing was the large Batman button/pinback. It was $5.00.

This one is upside down.

Again sorry for the sideways pics, but I wasn't about to go back and switch everyone of them.

Now for the paper items.

This is an unused inside cigar box label.

SUPER HUGE bumper sticker.

Very small bumper sticker.

Two more bumper stickers.

Campaign brochure.

M&M's, yummy.

That's all folks, I did get a slew of 77' Pepsi baseball gloves intact too. A Lou Brock photo, and a few other misc. items.


  1. I have a few political buttons but nothing newer than 96. I can't believe the big Batman pinback! I would've snagged that one in a heartbeat. Lucky you!

    1. They must have tons of them, it is highlighted on their postcard.

    2. not sure how i missed it the first time but i didn't last night! ;) i marched myself right back over there and spent $25.

    3. hey you need to sign up for the BFG games need 3 for 5/22, and all 5 for 5/29. Glad you got you a batman button :)

  2. Love the Batman pin! I came close to adding the Reagan/Bush brochure to my card. And I should have added that Reagan pin. Very, very cool.

  3. The Pepsi matchbook was what spurred me to put in my order after months of peeking around their site.
    I thought about getting a George Wallace pin, but I felt a little weird about getting one.
    I got a Johnson-Humphrey bumper sticker. Kind of wish I bought a second one to stick on my car. Would be funny to see what kind of looks I might get.

  4. Wow that's a lot of cool stuff! Must resist urge to check that site out...