Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sportlots and the BFG Friday lineup

I've done a lot of buying from Sportlots lately. These you'll see tonight are just the first up out of 3 separate orders. All 3 orders were HUGE, but mainly set build needs and I won't bore you with those.

Three OPC.... The 2 Guidry were for the PC as I have them in my set build already. Davey was needed for the set build, so I'll need 1 more for the Birthday Binder.

Davey also has a nice wax stain on the back.

My first of this year's Braves stickers. These came from 2 different sellers leaving me 3 short of the team set. One I picked up in an Ebay order.  I have the last two coming in as well.

Next up a grouping of Hostess from another seller.

Yeah Garr was supposed to be up top, oh well.

I had a little room in the cart from the Hostess seller so I grabbed these to maximize my shipping.

I needed the Spahn and Sheffield, but the two 86' Canseco's weren't needed but I wasn't going to pass them up for .18 a piece.  I have another INCOMING post this week (maybe tomorrow).

Friday Night Lineup is as follows with a kickoff between 6-7pm. Each player is on a thirty minute ticker between plays, so pay attention.

Jeff S. (new guy- not sure where he is from).

Alex markle

Matt (SCC)




  1. Sweeet OPCs. Looking forward to Friday.

  2. Wax stain Davey! Nice. I've been picking up stuff on Sportlots too. Trying to wrap up sets that are cluttering my desktop. Very cool to see some Hostess. Never thought to even look for Hostess cards on the site. Maybe on my next round of SL pickups.