Saturday, May 23, 2020

SportLots stuff

That's not fair.....this isn't just stuff.

These Braves needs came from a seller named Bryan.  (I think it's time to Windex the scanner again).

Now, I didn't need that Finest Dansby Swanson, but for .18 I grabbed it up to fill the cart to maximize shipping. The rest were all Braves needs, so not just stuff.

More Braves needs. That Red, White and Blue Acuna is sweet.

These last 3 scans above came from Ignatious. Picked up so low cost non Braves.

The next 3 are from Jesse.

More needed Braves cards.

Filled that cart with the gold border hot box stars.

Let's do 1 more seller today. Rattay

More needed Braves.

.18 Turkey Reds, current year.

Blue parallels.

And now for the really "GOOD" stuff.

1971 World Series Fleer Laughlin. I paid a whopping .50 a piece (or less) for these. I was a big spending, lol.


  1. Love those Laughlin World Series cards! Never even thought to search for them on Sportlots.

  2. Quite a haul, and I agree with Fuji, the Laughlin cards are the best!

  3. The DiMaggio insert is pretty cool, I might actually have to look for that one.

  4. Lordy, someone's spending money even if they're coming cheaply.

  5. I love the Blue Chips insert designs. I think they are from Chrome? It's a great design.