Monday, May 18, 2020

Some goodies

Here are a few goodies that came in last week.

This 6 pack of Braves came courtesy of an OCT buddy out in Orange CA.  See how easy it is to hit my Braves want lists (PLUG for the BINGO games). Nothing special here unless you count the Gold Medallions.

Our fellow blogger Adam (Arpsmith) has a Sportlots page full of Braves goodies. I grabbed up these myself.

These too including the 5 Topps stickers I needed.  See how easy it to hit my Braves wantlists? You folks need to get your BINGO submissions in, as I have been loading up. I have another 600 cards coming in from Sportlots right now, with another 300 in my cart over there. Not to mention the 300 cards in my ComC inventory.  LOTS of Braves.  I also have 500 cards that came in this past week from Sportlots and there are a whole lot of Braves in there.

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