Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Mid week is upon us once more (personally I think that is a good thing). Tomorrow I will be having lunch in Lake Wales with two trading buddies from OldCardTraders. One I met up with last summer, the other comes down from Long Island each year around this time, to play golf in South Florida and catch some spring baseball games. He's the the guy who sent me my Elway White Whale.

On to some wackiness.


That must have been close.

Kind of makes me think he got hit in the balls and he wasn't wearing a cup.

Some backside whoops.

Dang, did you see that?

Not really my idea of a great throwback uniform.

BTW, the last CONTEST post will be Monday. Other BLOG info: After this weekend I will be swapping the two themed posts (Wacky Wednesday and Shadow Shots) days. I will be suspending the Shadows for awhile, not retiring just a Sabbatical if you will. Wacky Wednesday will still be Wacky Wednesday but will be featuring my Wacky Packages and not baseball cards those will become "Silly Saturday".

See ya.

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