Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Trade post

Brian of HS&CA fame sent along a care package last week. It too, included a note warning of more to come. Like I said gotta love notes like that!  On a second note, I apologize for such an early post. I am not at home (I'm in Georgia) and mornings are easier.

Brian started out with some Buc's cards. Now, I have no idea what I need with my TB collection because I've never actually put a list together. I probably never will, but who knows. Lol.

I had just grabbed that Cyclone McGriff in Tampa. The 2016 Heritage will go into the set build stack, As will the Klesko and Chipper. I remember when 1992 Bowman came out, I wasn't a fan. The set has since grown on me quite a bit, and I can't wait to put some focus on building that set. Sadly, back when that product was released, I could have bought the Jumbo pack wax boxes from a dealer in Dunnellon, FL for like $25.00 a box! Dang it, I should of bought them all, after all, they were expensive back them with jumbo packs selling for $3.99 (he still sells cards today, but on Beckett and you can bet you won't find any jumbo packs for $3.99. Hindsight, right?

This one and the ones that follow were all new to me, and graciously are accepted into the Braves Team set binders.

My first 2016 Donruss card. I had 2 of this sitting in my Just Commons cart, so I quickly changed that to 1, and got them on their way. I had forgotten about them.

Love this Fired Up insert, I didn't know I needed it or that this insert set existed. A few years back I had a fist pump binder and this one would have made a nice FIsT.

I didn't know about this insert set either. Shame on me.

And another Braves need that I didn't know about.  Thanks Brian.

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