Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hear Ye Hear Ye I went to TAMPA

Listen closely, I'm only going to say this one time. Just kidding, I will type this instead. I went to a card show yesterday down in Tampa. No, I didn't come home with 100,000 + cards. I did come home with some though. Being that my 500th POST is coming up (should be next Sunday: Easter I may make it end on post 501 though), I figured I would tie it to the Tampa card show cards. To make it a little fun (maybe challenging) there is also a CONTEST involved (for those who follow this blog). So you're going to have to read the post each day (the Wednesday and Saturday posts not included, but feel free to read them too). All of the CONTEST posts will have TAMPA in the, title. There should be 6 total. In each of these posts will be cards for a different segment of my collection or those from a specific vendor. There will be a couple of hints including a dead give-away in one of them. Hints you say? Yes, you see when the contest posts are finished you will have to guess what I paid exactly for all of the cards combined. First clue: it is a $ amount ending in a zero. In other words, no odd ball amount  ie: $23. 00. Now, Each contest post you have the opportunity to comment about the cards (THIS EARNS YOU 1 GUESS FOR EACH OF THOSE DAYS), then when the last post is done. You can start your guessing up to the number of chances you earned (should be 6). The first follower to guess correctly will get a prize from me. Best part:  I'm not telling anyone what it is, because I don't know. I am going to a grand opening of a HUGE Super card store, brick & mortar in Jax. April 9, or 10th. I plan on picking something up for the winner there.

Starting the posts off with the BRAVES team collection cards. (Generally speaking of course).

Filled in some nice 90s gaps in the collection and completed a few team sets (insert wise).

I did wind up with a few Braves I already had, but not too many.

I still need quite a few 1997 Fleer base cards for the Braves team set.

Even found a few shiny cards I needed.

Sphan is perfect sitting there in the center.

The 2 Bazooka cards in the middle are the mini variations.

So, there you have the first of the CONTEST posts. Don't forget to comment on each post to gain more guesses.


  1. Looks like you hit up your Braves wantlist

  2. Love those Headliners cards. Crazy I've been thru almost all those boxes and haven't seen half this stuff, good digging

  3. It must hurt having to buy Mark Teixeira cards. I hope I never have to know that pain.

  4. Holy 90's cardboard, Batman! Great haul. Drooling over that Javy Lopez Ultra insert.

  5. I love that Galarraga Lords of the Diamond. I feel like I owned that card at some point in my life. Solid Braves pickups all around!

  6. This should be fun and I'm jealous. I need a card show!

  7. This should be fun and I'm jealous. I need a card show!