Monday, March 7, 2016

Short Post

Daniel from Its like having my own card shop held a contest not long ago. The contest revolved around 4 card groups and you had to guess what the differences were between the 4 cards. No one actually got them exactly correct, so Daniel sent out packages to 3 "winners" I was fortunate enough to be 1.  The prize was to be football cards of a team of your choosing. However, Daniel has a TB Bucs trade buddy already, so he opted to hit a few Braves needs for me, which is 110% A OK with me.

The sole Bucs card. BTW, the back of this card easily could be the front. I like it even better.

A pair of Fleer, both needed cards.

No, I didn't mis-crop this one. This card came in a sealed cellophane wrapper. I had to look it up to see what it was. 2006 Topps Chrome Rookie insert. Not sure if it came in cereal or what (to explain the cellophane).  Either way, I didn't have it.

More that I needed in my Braves collection. I have no idea how I ever missed that Galarraga insert from 1998. Sure I do, Beckett screwed up and listed it as an Expos card, when clearly it states Braves in the upper right corner. Thanks Daniel for the cards and the contest, it was fun.

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