Thursday, March 3, 2016

Out of the Blue

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from someone who said a friend of theirs stumbled across my blog and that he had some cards for me from my want lists. The writer of the e-mail (Jason) used his work e-mail so it was easy enough to find out a little bit of info. Anyways, being a little skeptical still, I asked what his friend Tee wanted in exchange and what he had for me. Jason said okay I'll let you know, but asked for my address. Within a few days I got a box of cards (he could have saved a few bucks on shipping) Inside were 65 Braves from my want lists and a note saying he'd pull some set builds card that weekend. I let Jason know that I got the cards, thanked him and Tee. I also requested what Tee collected. He replied back that Tee was mailing another package and inside would have a want list. So, right now I am waiting on the 2nd package and the want list. I should say that these fellas are just up the road a piece in Macon, Ga. I'm betting there might be another Braves fan there. Anyways, Macon is a hop, skip, and jump from here (sort of). I once had a buddy who had a band and played in Macon.  Not really a buddy, but someone I'd have a few drinks with  (and his cousin who I did know) whenever they played in Ocala. Maybe you've heard of him Jason Aldean, no that's not the Jason e-mailing me. Yeah, that's been quite sometime ago now. I am pretty sure somewhere in the ex-wifes junk drawer/boxes is the SIGNED demo cd Jason used to get his first record deal (wasn't a good deal, that's another story in itself that I will leave alone).

That was fun Teeing all of that together. Okay tying, but I tried. How about we look at those cards that came from OUT of the BLUE.

The 1996 Fleer are the Glossy Team set. Cool.

Those 1997 Score Platinum team cards sure make that 97 set look a whole lot better.
There is a reason that I only scanned 63 of the 65 cards. 2 of them I had picked up before and just hadn't marked them off of my want list yet.

I thought I was the King of 90s cardboard. Tee seems to hit my want list pretty dawg gone good (Georgia pun). I can get away with it, I was born and raised there (at least for the good years, lol).

Awesome cards to come in out of the Blue. Now I am anxiously awaiting the next package of goodies, and so I can hit Tee back with some return fire. I hope I have something he needs.

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