Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Okay, so are not wacky, but I like them anyway.

Most definitely fits the "wacky" category.

Okay maybe this one is just odd to me. The sort of fist pump running parallel to the vertical bat. Just stands out to me.

HoJo with a rubber bat, I know it's not rubber, but just look at that whip.

You don't get to see "LEON" on too many of Bips cards. I looked at a few hundred and I only seen 1 seen Leon on some minor league cards. But, I did realize that he also fits into the famous names binder due to the fact there was another Leon Roberts in the MLB.

Pitcher horsing around with the behind the back through the legs fielding skills they require.

Just a great set of cards. I wish I had kept all of the ones that came through my hands. Goose looks so you here.

Couple of mascots and Ichiro.

What is on his cheek?

This would have made for an awesome rookie card front.

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