Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TAMPA Stop 2.

As I walked from that first table I stopped at, looking only at the booths on the right aisle nothing really caught my eye until the next to the last booth. Nickel boxes, and a lot of them. In hind sight, I wish I hadn't put back the 500 or so that I put back (all recent Heritage base cards). HINT: I only grabbed 100 cards here, dead give away. I only went through two monster boxes, there were about 5 more baseball. I should've Nicked my way through those. Hind sight is 20/20, at least they say it is.

Had to scoop these for a nickel a piece, right?

1991 Archives.

That should be 70 of the 100 cards from this table, the other 30 were for the most part intentional doubles for the HOF PCs.

I really wished I spent another 2 hours with this guy, I'm sure I could have gotten him down to .03 each with the quantity I would've pulled. Good news, he is a regular there, so ONE DAY.....


  1. Nickel boxes? Are you telling me there were nickel boxes??

    1. 11 monster boxes of baseball, plus there the other sports too.

  2. Was looking to see if you snagged a Garagiola card for obvious reasons, but it doesn't look like it.

  3. That guy is the man. Nickel box man!

  4. That guy is the man. Nickel box man!