Monday, March 28, 2016

The best and last from TAMPA.

We made it. Don't forget to comment your guess here and also includes the guess for todays comment. Here are the running totals (not including todays guess) hoyle-5, jeff jones-4, noc-4, tlc-4, matt-3, patp-2, defgav-1, jr-1, hack-1. Now to the big cards of the day.

Okay, that was a play on words. The rest of the cards are regular, well most of them, no I can't say that either.

1977 Cloth Sticker cards.

I was very happy to see these cloth. I grabbed any I could for the PCs, but alas no Braves. At least not at this show, I did find one this past Saturday, but that is another post.

A couple of Perma-Graphics credit cards. 1 Brave and 1 for the birthday binders.

Have you ever seen a 3 card panel of these?  No?, me either, these are singles. LOL.


More Hostess.

And more.....

And more.....

And finally more.

The Kellogg's from above (before Hostess), was just a tease.

I did already have most of the Braves, but these were in much better shape.

Scanned horribly, sorry.

Last but certainly not least a 4 pack of 1969 Deckle cards for the PC.

Should I give any hints today......? Well, maybe a summation.

Table 1: 26 vintage cards from a dollar box, paid less.
Table 2: 100 cards (for set builds) from nickel box.
Unknown table: spent $5.00 on something other than cards.
Added 200 cards to the Braves, Set Build, and PCs from a quarter box  (paid less).
Plus all of todays' cards. Okay, here is today's hint... Today's cards cost a little more than all of the rest combined.

Guessing is now OPEN.


  1. I'm terrible at this...but I'll guess...$80 total.

  2. Great vintage and oddballs. I think I have four guesses. Let's go with $60, $61, $75, and $85

    1. you also get a guess for todays post, so 1 more guess

  3. Is it closest without going over? Can I guess 1? If I have another guess left, 100. I don't exactly know what we're supposed to be guessing here.. total price you paid?

    1. Yes total price I paid from all 6 posts. and yes, you have 2 guesses now.

    2. doesnt matter if you go over either. hoping someone hits the nail on the head.

  4. Dammit, I'm always jealous when somebody finds Kellogg's cards at a show. They rarely pop up around here.

    Guesses (I'm also terrible at this): $110.00, $94.00, $87.00, $79.00, $54.00

  5. We have a winner! Greg from Nite Owl Cards only needed 1 guess. Just a reminder though in one of my poats I said that the total would be a dollar amount ending in zero, and that there would be no oddball amounts ie: 83.00 etc. That clue was to give way to an amount with an increment of $10.00.

    I spent $20 on the 26 vintage goodies from table 1, $5.00 at stop 2, $5.00 for the unnamed things, and got the 200 quarter box cards for a dime each, leaving me with $60.00 for the last post, this one.