Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trading away football for.....

I've mentioned a few times about me trading that box of rookie football cards to my buddy Bob. Well, here is what I got back in exchange.

Cal looks pretty beat up here, he had a rough day. This was a freebie.

Storing this one away until I start to build the set, which shouldn't be too long now.

1951 Bowman Spaceman, which is already sitting in an OCT trader buddy's collection. Jim only needed a few cards to complete this set, and this one was one of them.

Scoops I needed for the Braves collection, and the red checklist upgrades mine in the Braves team set.

McCovey works for me.

This one takes care of the need for the Miller Binder, now to get one for the set buiild.

A few 75 needs.

Adding to the 76 set build. The Brett will have to be upgraded, but hey for now works just fine.

A handful for the PCs, and believe this or not.....Those are the newest Diamond Kings inserts that I own. Wow, I've now added a DK page on my website.   Diamond Kings Haves and Wants

Now onto non Baseball, but yet vintage and cool.

Talk about throwing you into a childhood memory.  1974.

1974 stickers.

1974 completed puzzle. I actually a a couple of dupes of the puzzle.

Got a few 1976 as well.

Just 3 puzzle pieces though. At first I grabbed these thinking I would be trading them, but the more I looked at them the easier it was to decide to keep them.