Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's TEE time!

The weather has been great here in Florida for about a week now. Yeah Bike week over in Daytona will soon end, and then the Spring Breakers start coming in. Yeah, now all we have to do is wait on baseball card releases, and Hurricane season, but no worries.

Tee sent his second package, however he didn't send his list in it. He did send another 40 Braves, and looks like he is still working on Braves before attempting the set builds. Fine by me.

There is nothing like knocking off a bunch of 90s team want lists. I have pretty much most of the Topps flagship stuff minus a card here and there, but I am hurting on a lot of the others. Tee is working the crap out of those and I am loving it. Especially the Bowman.

I did wind up getting a want list for Tee had it emailed to me. He is a big Bowman's Best collector, which I don't have a lot of. So if you good folks in the blogosphere have some to share, I'll send the list. Great news on his want list was some DK puzzles cards. I have a 1600 count box for of dupes there. I was able to put about 20 of his knock out needs there. Still working on a nice package to send to him.  There are other sets on his list too.

Cracker Jack, Gold (not winner) GREAT!

Stadium Hits.

Started and finished this post with the 95 & 96 Best cards Tee sent. he included a note saying he wasn't sure which I needed. My bad, I had the cards 7 above, but I had them listed under the wrong year. It has been corrected.

Thanks Tee, I appreciate you reaching out. I am enjoying these. Meanwhile I am working on a return for you.

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