Friday, March 25, 2016

Shadow Shots, going on Sabatical

This will be the last Shadow Shots theme for awhile. Not retiring the theme, just taking a break for something different, as I will have finally cleared that scan folder out. I will be moving my currently Wednesday theme to Saturday (renaming it Silly Saturday).  My Wacky Wednesday post title will remain on Wednesday but will highlight Wacky Packages until all of my collection has been shown. 

Being this is the last (for now), I will let you decide what you see in the shadows.

The last one is just so many shadows I had to finish off with this one.


  1. Milt Hill's card sort of looks like Michigan and the Great Lakes if you're looking from East to West.

  2. cook = alligator
    hill = fish hook
    nagy = video game gun
    landrum = sewing needle
    #50 = ostrich

    1. These will be back in time. I just need to pick up another HUGE haul of cards and then go through those and start the scan folder up again.