Thursday, March 24, 2016

TAMPA: Cards just for the Player Collections

We have passed the halfway point from the Tampa run. Will be posting tomorrow and then the final post will be on Monday (I have other plans for Easter Sunday's post, which just so happens to be post #500 for this tiny blog).

All of these were in quarter boxes, no I didn't pay that. And no, that is not an original trimmed 67 Kaline. I'm pretty sure it was some magazine issue, it is glossy. The vendor did try and make me pay the .25 each for the inserts as they were from a box of inserts which he doesn't usually discount.

That's the back of the Kaline from the first scan. Lots more inserts.

and more inserts.....


more.... I haven't yet checked to see if I actually need any of these, that probably won't be until the summer when those stacks are high enough to spend a weekend messing with.

Pretty sure I need most of them. Maybe a few that I don't.