Friday, March 25, 2016

TAMPA: Set builds

This is the next to last post from the Tampa card show. I will say that at one table I spent $5.00 at but didn't buy any cards whatsoever, and I didn't scan what I bought. But, that is just to help you towards the guess you make on the last post. You came here to see some cards, so here are some cards.

Even though my Upper Deck set builds want list is "lacking" to put it mildly. I still have a pretty good idea of cards I need.

I did grab an extra one of both of the Millers for the Miller binders.

A little Fleer and Studio needs.

Okay, these aren't really part of a set build, they did come out of that insert box where I was pulling most of those PC guys from. I really do like that Bush baseball card. Today's hint. These 43 cards came with the PC cards, and the Braves team set cards. All in all I "Nicked" my way through those quarter boxes (remember I didn't pay that) and pulled 200 cards. I pulled and set aside another 1500 cards for the next time I go ( I will weed most of those out then).

The next Tampa post will be Monday and that one is the last one. I saved the best for last!
Tally of eligible guesses on Mondays post so far (doesn't count this posts comments or Mondays). Mark Hoyle: 4, Jeff Jones: 4, NOC: 3, TJ: 1, TLC: 3, Matt: 3, PATP: 1, DefGav: 1, Hack: 1.


  1. I remember pulling those U.S. Constitution cards like crazy back in 2006. I don't think I have any left.