Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

That's right, hitting on an old post theme here. I'm not sure It's ready for every Wednesday at least not until another huge haul. But for a couple of weeks it is back.

Wacky Wednesday's were one of my regular weekly posts where I posted some cards that I found interesting in some way or another. It could have been a wacky shot or just something odd about the card. Tonight, I bring you 7 cards that I find obscure or whatever my twisted mind seen as I looked at the card.

Can you see the oddity? I hope so, because Todd certainly can't. Why in the world would they photo shop his eyes out? That isn't just his cap shadowing his eyes, they messed with it.

Just doesn't look like home plate to me. I know it is, I think. LOL!

Check out that right brow, looks as if it was braided into his hair.

I may have posted this one before. My question now is why on Game Day?

What I find odd/different here is the photogs angle, in the dugout. Definitely not your everyday cardboard.

We've all seen bats that bend, but this one may be made out of rubber.

I want to say that is a water bottle, but I'm not sure nor do I get the why. It appears to be a game day photo.

Hopefully you enjoyed this old time theme. See ya next Wednesday with 7 more.


  1. Worrell and Howard are cool! Two fun cards I haven't seen...and of course now WANT! Great post!