Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The 2015 Heritage haul

By now you've seen most of the posts from the Group Break Chris at Nachos Grande held. Here are my spoils.

Almost got the entire base set, just missing a few variations. As you can see I did get both Kimbrel cards. So if any of you guys/gals out there have any of the ones not pictured above and want to make a trade, hit me up.

Speaking of HITS, I got this one.

And I got this Purple Chrome variation.

Chris also sent me this Flashbacks card, and at first I had to assume it was just to pad the pile.

I should have scanned the back too, because it shows the NY Metroplitan Opera House was "christened" on 9/16/66 my actual birth date. Now I don't know that Chris did that intentional or not, but no matter why, what, or how it makes for a pretty cool addition.

I'll have another post up shortly.

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  1. Fun break! The blue sky and clouds on these Heritage cards reminds me of early Bowman. Nice classic look!