Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A little "Off Hiatus Baseball" for you

Yesterday was a good mail day for me.  I got the Heritage cards in (as seen in previous post), and I also received these goodies from Tony L.

A couple of minis. Had the Murphy but certainly needed the A & G.

Not a Brave, but certainly a card I didn't have.  With the Braves Top 10 I only recognize a couple of names on the batting average, of course this has changed since 1991.  With HR I recognize all but 1, again this has since changed. There are a few names I don't kn ow with the RBIs and the Hits.

Needed Freddie, had Tex. I still need a couple of those die cut minis from last year.

Needed both of these. At first I didn't realize the Avery was a Sample card (I think I am going blind, jk). There were two Braves sample in that set, now I just need the other one.

Needed both of these too. Need one more update (pink) card for that set, and several of the blue and yellows.

Tony loaded me up with parallels I needed.

Needed that Heritage too.

I needed both of these 80s Fleer stickers too. The one on the right is going into the Niekro binder, which I would've never thought of had Tony not clued me in on the Brewers (Yount jersey) sticker I sent him awhile back. Completely got past me, and as hard as I look at cards....... Just go to prove you're never too old to learn ....stuff, lol!

Topps sticker from 2013, and a Bowman mini blue refractor #d to /99.

Needed that Power Player, and of course needed the parallels.

This Bourn was the only parallel that I already had among the slew Tony sent over. I don't believe I have ever gotten so many "colors" before in one package, although one from Wes at JBF may have tied it, not sure. Tony definitely was filtering through my want pages. Then again, he always does.

I think I am just lazy and prefer to send all I can muster up of a team to send people. Then again, I get these "HUGE" lots of cards, and knowing how much time it would take to scan though them, yeah I'm lazy there. I still have phase two of the card dump to get put together and mail out from a few months ago. Probably another 8-10K baseball cards to get rid of from last year's hauls. Sounds like a lot, but consider i shed close to 50K in the last half of the year in just baseball plus the 15K in football and the misc stuff like the racing (BTW: I still have a whole bunch of racing to get rid of, now the one blogger I sent some too (you know who you are, lol) last year, already has these, so if there are any other followers of this blog who collects racing or just wants to start a collection, hit me up, let's trade. In case you're not following, just start. I'm pretty easy to work with.

Some chrome parallels, always a treat! I am fond of the orange parallels, usually come in the factory set form, at least in some of the flagship.

What?  Surely you didn't think I was done showing your the colors did you? Definitely don;t have many Gold Sparkles.

Chrome Heritage, sweet!

A 2014 flagship base card I needed.

Another Hank!

Complete set of the 1983 Donruss Action All stars.  Tony, was being a little evil because he also sent these:

He knows darn well I wouldn't be able to resist opening them though I had just gotten the complete trio of Braves. I do admit hanging on to them unopened with the the 2 Braves fronting the packages was a thought, but just that... a thought. I couldn't resist and have opened both while writing this post. I don't have the Mantle puzzle, so I had too you see. Now I have the first two pieces (#s 4-5-6, and 61-62-63) of that puzzle and only need the other 19.  Evil I say, just evil. LOL. Evidence below.

Not related to the Donruss, but all the same.. you get the picture. Just pure outright mean. Tony knows that I was born and raised in Georgia and grew up a Dawg, but long ago I decided The Gators were my college football team, local you see. I will always be  a Braves fan, no conversion there for sure. I did swap out the Falcons for the Bucs for my go to NFL team, but I don't hate them, just wish they don't do as well as my Bucs. Anyways, back to the cards.

Former GATORS in the NFL. Trust me, i checked the didn't have any STANK on em! THERE!

Tony finished off the lot with this 2013 beer coaster. I definitely didn't have one of those in my collection and it is very much welcomed, just now where to put it? OOOOH I know where.


  1. John, you know it's all in good fun when it comes to my trades. I didn't even realize I had any football cards left until about 2 weeks ago when I found a big box of late 1980s cards -- so you got the Gators. I'll just note for the record that I'm also a Packers fan, so it has been very easy for me in my life to dislike Trace Armstrong, Neal Anderson and (later) Rex Grossman.

    Actually, I kinda liked Grossman as the Bears QB! :-)

    1. Tony, you know I KNEW your were messing with me, I was was having fun back at you. The evil and the mean cracks were just that good old fashion fun. I had no idea anyone would have taken it for anything other than me busting on you. LOL.

  2. Great cards The Tony sent! He's been under some job stress lately, which could possible explain the meanness on his part.

    1. Julie, I wasn't serious, he was messing with me, which we both do to each other. It was all in GOOD fun.