Friday, March 6, 2015

The Griffey Collection

I don't have too many cards of Junior, but what I do have as of today is here. I will keep the commentary at minimal, enjoy!

We'll get this party started with that Moeller card.

It would be really hard to choose a favorite from these 9.

Nice trophy in pic upper left.

Scrolling back through this set, just now I kind of get a Christmas like feeling. Must be all that Red & Green.

I bet you folks are glad those are over, huh?

A signing. Some Black Gold.

A donut on an oddball, and I like the text "The Kid". But one of my favorites is the Triple Play with the bat and ball in mid air and no hands  JUST COOL. I used to have so many more cards of Jr, but like all of my binder guys, I didn't start collecting them until a few months ago. In the past I just traded them away, shame on me, LOL.