Thursday, March 12, 2015

Return fire and some website changes

Last week, maybe the week before I got a package from Adam over at  ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. It came from out of the blue with a little note saying it was for the Giants I sent him at Christmas as part of the card dump (phase one).

I think that Chipz is the magnetic one, I'm not sure it doesn't stick to the fridge, but a magnet does stick to it. 2015 insert, sweet! Parallel Certified Materials.

Two more parallels and 2 that I should've had but didn't. Never go wrong with a Chipper or a Smoltz.

In case you haven't looked at my website page, I made a few changes.

For one the Birthday Binders pages are clearly marked. All of my sub-pages have and remain at the very bottom of the main page.

I just like them there for some reason. I still need to add the cards that I have for each player, but I am working on that.

Two, I have separated my Braves needs into MANY sub-pages ie: pre-90s, 90s, 2000-2004, 2005-2009, 2010-2014, and 2015. This makes it so much faster to update those pages which will allow me to finish updating those last 11 years. By updating I mean adding the inserts that I need that are not listed and any other cards for that matter.

Three, I have added a page for my Hall Worthy (player's I collect). It is just a list for now with how many cards that I have for each player, which after one week is outdated (I've added about 1000 cards to it). In time as the page states, I will be putting sub-pages on that page itself for each of the players with the cards that I have, very tedious and will be extremely time consuming, but should be doable this year.

Future plans: to add pages for the handful of mini collections (other than the Bday binders) with the cards that I have for them as well. This probably won't happen this year though. as I am still dumping mini collections.  BTW..... I had mention to the Jedi himself that the next mini to go is the "bunting" collection. He hadn't responded back yet, so for now they are going to be up for grabs if someone wants a HUGE start up mini collection. There are apx. 360ish unique, and then there are apx 100 duplicates left now which I will do a separate trade for those. That 360+ is a great starter for a mini collection, so if anyone is interested in putting together a trade JLMK. 

I am hoping that listing the players I collect (and eventually the cards I have), will help out those who have run out of Braves, LOL. For now, I do have the cards owned in excel format on my laptop. Of course there are so many of those, I had to break it down into several (5) separate documents each with about 20 or so sheets each. Never ending the tweeking that we collector's do. Oh well, it gets us to spend time on our hobby and the extra organizing (albeit, time consuming) helps us to manage our OCD issues, right?  LOL>>>>>>LOL>>>>>>LOL!



  1. I think all the Chipz have metal in them so a magnet will attract. Trust me - if that Chipz is magnetic, you will know.

    1. Thanks Jeff, so were you interested in those bunting cards?

    2. Thanks Jeff, so were you interested in those bunting cards?