Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cards from The Card Chop

This past week Steve from the blog The Card Chop, reached out after seeing a duplicate Aaron card I had, so I offered it up, and told him to just send what he thought would be fair from my want lists. I actually do like trading blind, most times. But then again, most of you already know that. These are what he sent me, with a note (at bottom).

 Lovin the color!

Some 94 Fleer I needed.

Oh look, The SP Maddux from 2015 Donruss. I guess Freddie isn't going to be alone now is he. (retorical question). Of course now I only need card #2 (Freeman DK), but because I need two of them, yesterdays' post is still spot-on, need two cards. LOL!

1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection.

1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection.

Way more than I expected for the 2015 Aaron baseball History card.

Steve threw this note in with the cards.

I like the sound of that! If you haven't checked out Steve's blog you should, some good reads there even if you're not a Braves fan. 

Thanks a ton Steve, I look forward to a lot of back & forth.


  1. Great! Steve, next I am going to peek into my doubles box to see what vintage I have from your wants lists.

  2. Great to see my fave Braves fans trading with each other!