Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gifts from afar

Recently had I had reached out to CynicalBuddha (the yount collector) about a comment he had left on Tony L's (off hiatus baseball) blog about a program I had sent. I let mark know that I still had another of those programs he was was interested. He was and off to Alaska it went. The return for the program came in the other day and here is what I got.

A Brave sporting card with an autograph, very cool indeed. My collection is hurting when it comes to autos, relics, and especially Braves!

2015 Rainbow parallel I needed.

And oh wow, another Braves autograph card.

Thanks Mike. Always appreciative for some autos!


  1. What's that I hear? You need some Braves relics?

  2. Absolutely, I don't have a lot as I started my chase for all Braves about 18 months ago. I have come along way with the base cards (only need a gazillion more of those) LOL!, and a binder full of inserts but the relics not too many. Or autos for that matter. Appreciate any help I can get. Let me know what I can get you Tim.

  3. You're very welcome. I still need to post about the program you sent. I was hoping to be able to stuff your package with a few more Braves, but like the Dodgers there are a ton of you Braves bloggers out there and most of my singles have dried up, I'm glad I still had a few goodies though.