Friday, March 13, 2015

Franken Friday

Great news sort of, my mother is coming home from the Hospice House they sent her to last weekend after a hospital stint of a few days. This weekend maybe post dry. She will still be in Hospice care, but at least she is/will be home (should be here at 2:30 pm) and I can watch over things. That is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I haven't slept but a couple of hours these last few days. I know they do good things, but I just don't trust them, I'm sorry I feel that way, but it is what it is. Lemonade, right?

Anyways, here is this weeks Franken-pages   64, 65, & 66.

Page 64: 7/9

The only thing missing here is maybe Score and/or another piece of vintage to go along with the Garr. A nice high end current card would fit  nice as well.

Page 65: 8/9

Topps heavy, but no dupe sets there like the 90 Fleer, another very nice piece of vintage and good mix of players.

Page 66: 9/9 complete!

Again with the 90 Fleer, but those 2 pieces of vintage more than make up for it. Just check out Torrealba's mustache.. Is that super crooked or what? A vintage bunt always looks good in a Franken-set.

Cya, have a great weekend!