Thursday, March 5, 2015

Opee Chee part Deux.

More cards from the latest JC package. These are all binder guys of some sort

Nine for my Birthday Binder 9/16. Don't know how I wound up with the Score in this order, but I did order it.

Nine more for the 9/16, including that RC!

Six more for the 9/16 and 3 for the 2/25.

I actually grabbed two of the 1980 cards that way one could close out that team set, and one could go into the player binder. And that 1975 Garr paired with Carew closes that one out too. BOOM... Boom! DONE!

While perusing the lists of cards that I needed to close out a few more, grabbed some Topps cards too.

1994 Traded, done!

1996 Base done! That puts an end to my most recent JC order.  Next post: Junior!



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