Friday, December 1, 2023

We're Number ONE, the last ones, pun intended.

 This is the 5th run in the binder and closes it out.

There you have it. I could have added a few more that I have obtained this year, but figured eh. You get the drift. I am heading off to Jacksonville early in the morning.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Good run. Enjoyed perusing your collections.

  2. Very nicely done! I wonder who had the most #1 cards? Have a great weekend!

    1. If you go back to the first week of this set you might find out

  3. Basically the ultimate sampler collection. #1 type card. Are there any sets that are numbered but don't have a #1? I guess something like 1974 Topps Traded.

  4. Some fantastic cards here. I'd never seen that Heyward Breaking Out before. Acuna Elite and Chance Sisco are among the rare logo-less gems. The Hancock Tower card is fantastic, I really need to add a couple of those beauties to my collection. And the Arraez at the end is a nice one as well. Am I really nostalgic for the original Marlins uniform? lol

  5. The Fernando Stadium Club is by far the best one in here.