Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A very cold day to start (for here). Ormond today

 Made my way over to Ormond today, that is after the ice melted off of the vehicle. I'm in Florida dang gone it. Anyway, probably my last trip over there for a few months. Or at least that was the plan. I was hoping to gather up all of the dime cards I wanted from the last 6 baseball sets released. I wound up with cards from three of those sets. Topps Holiday PC guys and rookies (I already have the set completed), and whatever Braves I could find in the dime boxes. I will have a Holiday post next month. I grabbed up about a thousand Pro Debut, just to fill the 3 row box I was trying/hoping to fill. We'll call those prospects, lol. The last newly released set I found was Archives. Grabbed Braves, PC guys, and rookies again. They are still sorting the Chrome update, Didn't see any Select or Chronicles, and they haven't got any Stadium Club yet.  So I am figuring one more trip for me to close out the 2023 cards, probably in a couple of weeks. 

Meanwhile, I dropped a whopping $30.00 with Kyle today. $20.00 for the monster box (I used my own box otherwise it would have cost 25). $10.00 is what Kyle charged me for what you'll see here tonight plus 11 Ornaments from that Holiday set I'll show SOON. Those alone are completely worth the ten bucks.

I pulled these from Kyle's dollar boxes (minus the small Kershaw box topper). Again worth the ten smackers. However, there were these too.

A & G large box loaders like 6x9 or maybe 5x8 size.  They also came in those oversize top loaders, which just those alone would be worth the money.

Yes, I grabbed dupes on purpose. I know who may want one of the extra Kershaw's. I'm sure somebody out there does or the other one.

Yep, an extra DeGrom and Verlander. 

Last one was this one.

It had already been ripped but I don't care. Those 10 box loaders were worth $10.00 all by themselves too. Besides the $30.00 I spent with Kyle, I did make a somewhat healthy purchase in the shop from a buddy's personal collection. More on that in the coming days.

I'm confident everyone will agree that I got my $10.00 worth with the cards above PLUS the 11 Ornaments (including Trout)!


  1. I agree with you. It was worth the money for what you got. I'll wait to see the ornament cards. Should be good stuff. I hope your heat in your vehicle is working well. Cold in Florida? I'll take it compared to here in Minnesota. Oh well. Happy Wednesday!

  2. $5 for the box itself is not bad. I imagine you must need a lot of them unless everything is in binders.

  3. I hadn't seen one of this years rip cards. They've got a really ornate border. I like it!

  4. Ice in Florida? Stay warm buddy. I wish someone would sell me Pro Debut super cheap. It'd be fun to store those for a couple of years... then pull them out to see if anyone made it big.

    1. I've got plenty to share. I pull some dupes and set them aside for you.