Thursday, December 7, 2023

Completed set: 2023 Topps Museum

 I haven't posted a completed set recently. Here is the 2023 Museum Collection in all of it's glory. Just kidding, I actually preferred last year's set better. I have only completed two Museum base sets. This year and the first year 2012. I will pull the 2012 out soon as scan it up for viewing.


That page packs a punch for sure.

Gunnar makes his appearance.

Corbin Carroll. Might be the most expensive card in this set.

My Braves hot shot rookie in MH2 or as Money Mike as my brother refers to him.

Another power packed page.

Closing out the last 4 cards with the Wizard, Vlad, and Mr. Harper who gets the coveted last card of the base set. Which brings an opportune time to announce the next Franken-Set which begins tomorrow. Timing is everything. 

I call this one "Last but not Least".


  1. Congrats. High-end sets aren't my thing, but Museum is one of the few that looks decent.

  2. Nicely done! Star power and Rookie potential is strong.

  3. Congrats on the completed set!

  4. Congratulations! Only 100 cards, but it's loaded with stars... and some solid rookie cards.