Sunday, December 3, 2023

The $20.00 box from Ormond Beach card shop

 I mentioned last week that I filled a monster box (3 row) of singles up for $20.00 using my own box (saved me $5.00). Nearly half of the box was 2023 Topps Pro Debut as I was realizing that I wasn't going to fill the box with my specific wants. Normally the only cards I want from that set are my Braves which I did get and was able to remove them from my Card Barrel cart. That saved a few bucks too. What I didn't know or remember was that the set is only 200 cards. I wound up with probably 5 sets minus three cards or so. Only 2 cards were missing altogether #7 Jackson Holliday and 121 Jasson Dominguez. Beckett lists those cards between $3-8.00 and $2-5.00. I guess it makes sense they were not in the dime boxes. The $3-8.00 Elly De La Cruz was in there once and a couple dozen $1-2.50 cards. Yeah those were worth the $20.00 by themselves, but there was zero excitement for me. No, I am not scanning those for you. 

Still there was room to just dump so cards in to fill up the box. I grabbed up a couple of hundred cards from the 2023 Historical set. I remembered that there are some baseball players in the set from previous visits in those boxes. Low and behold when I got home and actually looked at the cards I did in fact scoop a few baseball cards. The rest I will donate to my brother Jack for Trivia knowledge, lol.

I did manage to pull three cards from the recently released 2023 Chronicles. That was one of the sets I was looking for. You may (or may not) remember like an idiot that I attempt to build the base sets within the overall set going back to 2017. No, I have yet to complete any given year. I am close on a couple though. The 3 cards above are all that I have of this year and unless they are in a dime box/bulk buy I won't be ripping any packs this year. Too damn costly, so feel free to send me any that you have or run across. Chances are that I need them. If you are looking to find cards that I need 2023 Chronicles might do it. I have the set builds for Chronicles listed in the drop down menu to the upper right. Go to Set Builds drop down to the very last listing.  

Now for those fillers.

Apparently, there are parallels notice the shiny version of Eddie Grant. I scanned the back so you could see the information included on the card backs.

I wound up with a few PC guys, and the other baseball cards are already sitting in someone else's stack. Not saying who, but I am pretty sure these odd balls are right up someone's alley.

Trade Night tomorrow with the Mariners. Then I will finish up the Ormond trip Wednesday. Because I didn't find most of the sets I was looking for in the dime boxes I settled for some set build needs from 2021 & 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary sets (not scanned). Lots of those in my dupes boxes now. I did add a lot to my build though and that is always a good thing.


  1. I’ll pull most of those Chronicles cards for you and put them in your pile. Hoping to get a few more packs next time I’m at Target if they are still there.

  2. Interesting set. That Mathewson photo is an interesting one.

  3. Didn't know those guys put out another set. Their Presidents set was pretty fun.

  4. That first card doesn't even look like Ron.

  5. That Historical set looks interesting. Who put it out? I see some logos, so I assume it's not a Panini product.