Wednesday, December 6, 2023

WACKY WEDNESDAY plus a Did you know?

 We have a Wacky Wednesday for you tonight. Not of the baseball variety though. That will be forth coming in 2024. This one comes forth from the trip last week (Wednesday) to Kyle's shop in Ormond. I bought some "stuff" from a personal collection from one of the guys (Mike) who works at the shop. I spent more than I should have, but it is rarely you see this stuff let alone a good stack all at once.

These are NOT your typically Wacky Packages. They are in fact from 1967 and the set consisting of 44 cards are "DIE-CUTS". These were designed to punch out the image and lick (or wet) the back to stick it on something. Previously I owned one unpunched die cut card (Chock full of Nuts and Bolts). Now I have a spare to trade. 

Informational data. There are two versions of most if not all of the cards. The variations are in the perforations of the die cut. There are long perforations and short. I'm not sure which is rarer if at all. These are all of the short version. 

You may have also noticed that these were for the most part the images/artwork used in creating the 1973 series 1 stickers. More trivia for you: The series 1 stickers set was originally produced in CLOTH. That idea was quickly tossed as the glue was a nightmare. I do in fact have that complete cloth set. Topps immediately after release went with the sticker (peel and stick) cards but after releasing the cloth set. Series 1 stickers and cloth use the images from that very first 1967 die cut set. 14 of the die-cuts were not used in series 1 because of the cease & desist orders had already begun. 

Now for a different wacky set from 1967.

Technically not related to the Wacky packages (my guess is maybe one of the ideas that didn't make the cut). Anyways, this set is titled the 1967 Nutty initials set. These are not valuable like the vintage Wackys. You can probably find these for a buck or two each somewhere. 

These oversized cards are more like post cards and have the die cut images within the artwork. the set is called "Wacky Ads" and was released in 1969. I have most of this set, but I needed the three above. The three below are dupes.

All three of these dupes (I had others already) have creases. There you have a somewhat WACKY WEDNESDAY. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am looking forward to next year with this regular theme returning once again, both in baseball cards and Wacky Packages stickers. 

Now for the Did you know? The 1973 Topps baseball set or rather series one and series 2 (264 cards) of that year has a variation involving series 1 Wacky Packages. Apparently, by mistake those two sheets had a run that the card backs were actually Wacky checklists. There were even variations within the "error" cards. The same as the regular Topps 73' set, the coaches cards with the orange backgrounds also exist with the Wacky checklists too. There are a couple of other cards within those 264 cards that have no border. So now you know (in case you didn't already).


  1. Those are great. I remember buying some of those in 1973 at the local five & dime store. That was where I bought my baseball cards as well. Thanks for the ride down memory lane.

  2. I didn't know anything about that '73 baseball-Wacky connection, that'd be interesting to see. ... I associate Wackys with the '70s so much, it's odd to see some started in the '60s.

  3. The Maddie Boy one made me laugh.

    Didn't know about the baseball-Wacky collection either.

  4. Count me amongst the "did not know" crowd.

  5. Never heard of those 73T cards with the WP checklist. Tried to find one on COMC and they didn't have any examples, so gotta imagine these are pretty rare. I wonder what the market price for the Clemente, Aaron, or Ryan would be these days.