Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas! My annual post including some cards I haven't shown before.

 Every year on this day I post up a whole bunch of ChristmasY cards. 

But first Happy birthday Jesus! 

Now about the "new" cards....they are not new to me as I have had them for nearly 30 years. I've just never taken the time to scan them before this year or at least I don't think that I have. 

Now Let's start the barrage of cards and other musings. I'll leave this WARNING scantily clad pretty girls scattered throughout but mainly near the end.

A handful of ball players that share this particular day as their birthday. There will be others later.

I can't seem to locate where I placed the binder I started to put cards into, hence the disorganized fashion. I didn't even attempt to complete this set. (update: I found it and the dupes of this set too).

The card backs actually make up a puzzle which I had never put together.... until now.

Yeah, it's a big puzzle 8 cards across and 9 down. Notice anything about the 6 cards that I am missing for set? That is really weird.

This is the wrapper for the 8 card packs that you could by back in 1994. It is called Santa Around the World.  I am missing card #s 11, 15, 35, 39, 59, 63.

Now for another set. 10 cards this time from 1994 NFL and all of the major card companies.

A couple of naughty ones next.

This one belonged up there with the 10 cards NFL set, oops.

Now for some more from Coca-Cola.

I had won these 11 ornaments from this year's Holiday set from Ebay as soon as it was released. I also bought the complete set then too. No ripping wax, so I will have to gather the "VARIATIONS" the HARD way..... buying them, UGH.

I posted a few weeks back about a slew of oversized cards that I picked up at Kyle's shop, but these were bought that same day.

Yes, I intentionally bought the dupes above (last 2 scans). The dupes with the 11 I already had were unintentional. But oh well. I have yet to complete any of the Topps Ornaments from any year or THOSE from Pacific (my favorites). So yeah, another mini collection of mine just for this time of the year. I also collect the Holiday relics. I actually have a needs list under "Set BUILDS" go to Misc. then scroll down to the bottom. My Holiday needs are there including the Variations needed.

Several more birthday persons (there's a lady in the mix).

The Adell is about as Christmasy as you get without it being intentional.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas day!


  1. Merry Christmas! Nice ornaments, especially the Buxton.

  2. Sorry I'm late... but hope you and your family had a merry Christmas! Lots of cool Christmas related cards here. I love that Babe Ruth card. And I just bought that Bay Watch set and didn't even realize that Santa card was in there (I mainly bought the set for Nicole Eggert).

    Are you building the 2019 Topps Holiday relic set? If so, I have some duplicates. Email me your set needs and hopefully I can help you out.

  3. Didn't know Pepsi got in on the Santa act too, all you hear about is Coke