Wednesday, December 13, 2023

2012 Topps Museum Collection: completed.

 As mentioned last week the 2012 and 2023 Museum sets are the only completed sets from this run so far. I have a needs list on my Set Builds under the Topps category for the rest.

2012 is the first year of Museum and Topps did pretty good with the set design. It looks nice and a little classy.

There is a good mix of veterans, rookies, and retirees.

Mike Trout is the key card. Beckett books the card at $60.00 on the lo side and $150.00 on the high side. Truth be told you can grab several at ComC for $30.00 and a few more for $40.00.

Last card honors go to Miggy. I put a scan of the a card back in case anyone wanted to know or see what the backs were like.


  1. 60 bucks for a 2nd year trout? No thanks. Maybe 5-8 bucks considering it’s a higher end set.

    1. I think ComC has it about right, maybe $25, no more for sure.

  2. Fairly easy design is very nice looking. Backs are easy to read. Nice set.

  3. Ginterish design but the foil makes it more modern. Kind of a perfect look for a set full of retired players,.

  4. A. Solid design. It's simple and elegant... like the majority of the MC designs.

    B. Beckett needs to overhaul their price guide. If their price guide was semi-accurate and more affordable (like the price of a blaster for a year subscription), I'd renew.

  5. Much better looking than 2023. Thanks for sharing!