Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Do you remember Upper Deck, Skybox, or Metal Universe? PLUS a giveaway. FREE CARDS!

 I completely forgot about these cards I pulled out of the dime boxes at Ormond last time. (Remember that $20.00 3K count monster box?) 

Here I was thinking Upper Deck was DONE with baseball cards, let alone Skybox and Metal Universe. Do you remember those guys/sets? How about this set: 2022 UDC Skybox Metal Universe Champions set. It is a multi sport product. I pulled these baseball out plus I also grabbed the female athletes for a buddy in California.

I got all of the baseball players except for Ken Griffey Jr and Jackson Holliday. Most of the guys actually have 2 cards in the base set including Jr, and Jackson. I didn't get the "other" cards. I did however pull lots of dupes.

Here is the give away, you know free baseball cards, call it prospecting I guess. Still it could also just be a trip down memory lane with the 97/98 style Metal Universe looking cards. 

Rules for the freebies: 1) be a follower of this blog and comment on this post before midnight December 16th. I will randomize the qualifiers a few times and the top three spots will get 6 cards each from the last two scans (seen above).


  1. Collected all of them back in the day.

  2. Never knew Upper Deck was still in baseball or that Metal Universe was a thing. They really need logos, though.

  3. I have a few cards from that set I got in a group of cards I bought on a sale site. I don't think I have any from the scans above.

  4. I like these multi-sport products... and can't complain with 90's Metal Universe throwbacks. Just wish there were logos on those baseball players. On a positive note... logos don't matter on the golf and snowboarding cards :D