Thursday, December 7, 2023

Franken Friday: Last but not Least part 1

 Okay, Let's put this out there front and center. Hindsight says I should have totally eliminated the checklists from this set. That being said I apologize up front for the complete domination of them. I have also decided NOT to run the numbers as with the other Franken-Sets. No one (other than the checklists) seems to have led the way players or teams. There are 4 parts to this run and know this the set has been dissolved. I know who to send the checklists to, that part is easy.....Tom! Now for the PC guys, most should be dupes, but I can not be certain without adding them to the 60K already waiting to be verified. See I started this franken-set or the hoarding of the cards a decade ago. Long before my PC guys or even the set builds of today. 

Three pages in and you can see the checklist domination.

Again, I apologize for so many checklists.


  1. Impressive to have even one vintage high number. Hate to say it but the best cards here are Mets - Knight and Jefferies.

  2. Cool idea for a set. I figured out what it was after looking at a couple of pages. Have a great weekend!

  3. 1975 Topps has been one of my favorite baseball sets for the past forty years. I even own the mini set and have it in a binder. But for some reason... if you would have asked me what number Hank Aaron's card was... I never would have guessed 660. #embarrassed

  4. Some decent names in that first scan. I'm guessing that it wasn't done too often, but I like the idea of companies reserving the last spot for a big name -- go out with a bang, if you will.