Friday, September 22, 2023

TRIPLE Quads: 444 Franken Friday 444

 Another week has flown by. My brother and I hit up the Trivia night at a local restaurant. We went 2 weeks ago (trivia is my brother's thing) he has never missed a jeopardy episode! He and our brother-in-law are always challenging each other. My brother wanted to buy my dinner for cutting his grass as is normal. We went and he and I played as solo contestants whereas the rest were playing as teams. Long story short I won (by 50+ points), got $25.00 too. I gave it to him. We went back this week and played together as a team..... we won (by 60+ points)..... Another $25.00. 

Now that we are talking numbers let's get the triple 4's data out of the way.

I have 120 cards in the binder (I know that I have more sitting in the trade boxes, but I am just trying to get through this Franken-Set. Beckett says there 1,319 baseball cards with that number. No player had more than two appearances and there was 8 of those. One team made double digits this week with 10 the Blue Jays followed by the Yankees with 8, and Phillies with 7. Not bad for just 120 cards. The Jays will get a repeat here as they are the next TRADE DAY team.

Here is a prime example of why no one really needs to send me any of the cards missing. You know darn well I have a base 1993 Topps sitting in my trade boxes. Now on the other hand, if you want to send vintage cards that are missing from this Franken-Set well I am happy to accept those. 

Lots of gaps here at the end and I figure there are a lot of either rookies or stars bearing some of those numbers and once i clear the PC dupes I'll be able to add those in. Of course this themed post run will long be over before that happens.

Have a great weekend. 


  1. After 666 I'm going to look for vintage and less-common modern. Hope I can add in some to this project.

  2. Devon White wins it.

    (Rickey's a ho card and I'm just not feeling that Vlad card.)

  3. Really cool idea to do these sets by the triple digit number cards. I keep mine by brand, year and card number order. Branching out into "Franken-sets" is something I have not done yet.

  4. That Lance Johnson '92 Stadium is an underrated gem. I have a feeling that the '86 Fleer Hudson was in one of my very first packs of baseball cards, ever.

    Bar trivia is something I kinda wish I could do, like if I had friends and stuff.

    1. I don't have any friends here. My brother and I go there and eat, and then play trivia.

  5. Nice.. Garth Iorg and the guy that took over from him at 3rd, Kelly Gruber. Then there's also Jimmy Key. He'll always be a Blue Jay to me

  6. Congratulations on winning both of those trivia contests!

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, a little bit of everything from 1900's Olympic stuff to current foreign naval size and everything in between ie music, movies, mascots, slogans, jingles etc.

  8. Been looking forward to #444, that's my collection. You got me beat by a few, I'm at 111 different.