Thursday, September 14, 2023

The August Braves additions and an episode of Why did I do that? .... Again!

 I'll get to those gorgeous Braves cards that I know you all came here to see in a minute. I drove over to Ormond yesterday. I didn't SPEND a lot at the Villages card show earlier this month and I was hoping to load up on this months new releases from Kyle's shop. The Pristine was waiting to be sleeved and put it plastics at one of the workers homes. I advised no need to sleeve them I want them all. I did actually find a handful of them in the dime box which is NUTS, because the shop ripped a case of the triple packs hobby boxes and you only get a few base cards. The boxes are like $400.00 for either 12/13 cards (3 hits and 5 base) or the regular Hobby box get 18 cards (3 hits plus 5 parallels with just 10 base). 

Anyways, I grabbed the dime cards maybe 30 or so. The Bowman Chrome was in but they haven't busted any yet. I'm not building that set, just give me my braves and PC guys. That leaves the Topps Chrome, Chrome Cosmic, and and the 22' Platinum. I pulled 50-60 of the Platinums from the dimes boxes, and then I did something that I have no idea why I did it. I did the same thing with Series 1 and series 2 Flagship. I bought 2000 of the Chromes. Of course I already grabbed everything that I need from that set except for 2 Acuna's and 1 Ohtani. I have made this boo boo three times now. I still have 11 near sets of Flagship and I sorted the Chrome today, if you need some?????? There were about a hundred of the Cosmic cards. I did get some cool stuff at the shop and still only used up 30% of the monthly card budget. I'll post some highlights soon from this trip. Next month is looking good.....budget wise.

Now for the really good stuff. You know those fabulous Braves additions.

Some of these cards came in the mail from fellow bloggers. 

Including the Alex Wood autographed card!

I may have gotten the Prizm from Ormond.

Yeah, I did not need to get those Chrome cards.

I don't believe I showed the Series 2 Braves so here they are. I believe they came from Card Barrel.

These definitely came from Jax.

I mentioned not long ago about the trip last time over to Ormond and I bought that 97' unopened box of Donruss. There are the two Diamond Kings I got (needed both).

Yep, I grabbed most (half) of the Braves Platinum last trip over to Ormond. Oh well. I did already show you guys the 2023 Tribute Braves August additions last month.



  1. The Nestle Warren Spahn is a real gem, so cool.

  2. What is on Furcal's helmet?

    Love the Spahn card. I have a few Nestle cards from candy bars I ate as a kid, and have rarely seen any since then. I didn't have Spahn.

  3. Aaron and Maddux Legends of the Game are really nice!

  4. Opening that 1997 Donruss box sounds like a lot of fun. Hard to beat pulling The Kid and The Big Hurt DK's. Congratulations!

  5. You might want to start looking into cardaholics anonymous :)