Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Lately I have been going through my trade boxes. In the past I have referred to these as my dupe boxes, and that is an inaccurate description. You see what is in those boxes could be dupes, but they can also be cards from sets that I wasn't building (at least at the time I put them in the box). There are also guys that I collect now that I didn't when I put them into the boxes. The boxes have odd ball sets, inserts, high end sets, and just about anything else you can come up with. I knew that one day I would need to go through as I haven't flipped through them since June 2018 is the date on the majority. I assure you it had to have been a very quick flip through too. I know this because at that time if I was here in Ocala it was only for the a few hours. That or they were up in GA with me when they were boxed and I brought them back home at some point on one of those day trips. Either way I am going through them now for my second week. I have found a lot of stuff! Good stuff. One day I'll have to actually sort them all and get those boxes really organized because they are all over the place. Right now, I am just going through the cards, pulling stuff out that I need to check if I need elsewhere. I am also separating the higher end cards, parallels, and inserts into what I call money boxes (ie: if they were for sale they would be quarter boxes). The rest would be dime boxes. I'm sure you get the drift. I should probably do dollar boxes too, but I figure if thing were ever to go that way, I could easily pick out the boxes that those type cards would be in. I put a dollar sign on the boxes. Why do I mention all of this? Consider it an update on the garage if you like, but really one night I couldn't sleep so I figured I would go through the boxes to try and find those hundreds of the 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum cards. I have found a couple hundred, but not the HUGE pile I am looking for. I did FIND  a box marked as non sport and "good football". I'd say that was a good description. The first three cards in the box that I grabbed MINT Jerry Rice rookies, followed by the other key rookies from 86'. Yeah, the box is loaded with good stuff and I plan to put that box in the vehicle for my next trip over to Ormond. Spend no cash and TRADE AWAY! See I tied my rambling to tonight's theme. BTW: this is being written at 4 am as it is another one of those nights with zippo for sleep.

Alright that concludes the Astros, hopefully Adam catches this post.

The Toronto Blue Jays are next week's team followed by the Braves, yes I said Braves.


  1. Too bad you couldn't sleep! You write very well at 4am. Nice cards for trade for an Astros fan or somebody with a PC need above. Hope you get some needed rest tonight.

  2. The first autographed Jose Cruz wins it.

    (Since you didn't show the Jerry Rice rookie.)

  3. Those bat relics always look nice.

  4. You should contact Marc (formerly of Remember the Astrodome, now of marcbrubaker.com) and see if he's interested in any of these (he's the only Astros collector that I know of).

  5. I would be into the Joe Musgrove Stadium Club RC auto, though not sure I've got anything for you currently.. unless of course you're down for more "cardart", which I've got a nearly unlimited supply.