Monday, September 25, 2023

Masonic Monday: Barry Goldwater has a bobble head doll.

 Politics, this early into Fall and on an odd year.... sure why not. I mean the original publication was also in September. 

I will suspending or more than likely ending the Masonic Monday theme. I still have plenty of booklets that I haven't posted, but I am ready to move on. Next Monday will be my first Monday Mini Collection (in a long long time). I figured that it is the first Monday in October (Cancer awareness month), and I certainly have enough pink cards to post a slew everyday all month long so why not at least load up Mondays for the month. Maybe throw in some on other days too, we'll see.

I see a bobble head. We don't call them "dolls" anymore do we guys?

Reminder about tomorrow night's TRADE night. BLUE JAYS.

I might throw out another one of those cartoon posts from that book midweek.


  1. Thank you for continuing to challenge my social studies horizons. It was not my favorite subject in school.

  2. I can't say that I'm all that interested in Mr. Goldwater, but I will miss this series -- it was always a nice break from all of the card posts in my feed.