Tuesday, September 26, 2023

It's TRADE DAY! Toronto Blue Jays

 The world must have ended yesterday. All right now that has been said here are some relics and autos from north of the border.

I may pull that Yamaguchi out for Fuji.

There you go. Next week the Braves are up with 9 scans.


  1. Surprise, it's me! Can I claim the Jimmy Key World Series card? I may come back for one of the bat cards. Have to compare my trade list against your wantlist again. Should have written down what I had for you...

  2. That Key is a nice one. I'm a big fan of the Pristine brand and might have considered asking if Derek hadn't beat me to it. I also thought Fuji might have interest in the Yamaguchi.

  3. Nice variety. Even a couple of older cards in the mix.

  4. There's a couple of Canadian bloggers that would probably want everything in this post if they had seen it. Or maybe they did and just don't think that they have enough to trade for any of it.

  5. Got you box in the mail yesterday. Haven't opened it yet... but whether or not the Yamaguchi is included... thanks in advance.

    1. That auto is in the stack sitting here still building.