Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Do you remember?

 I know that I just planted a song in your head and with any luck it will stay there for a day or two.  

So, Do you remember that vintage monster box of cards I bought up in Jacksonville? I do and I still have the last of the surprises that shouldn't have been in a quarter box. Okay, maybe some of them should, but still. 

These Washington variations most certainly shouldn't have been in there, but I love it. I only need one more to complete them in my set build.

And to think that I only paid 4 cents a piece. I'll gladly do that all day long every day!


  1. Welp that's quite a haul. I just started building 76 and realized I've never encountered any of those All Time All Stars yet.

  2. Ah my favorite decade of cards. They really should have cost more than that.

  3. Nice cards! Some of my favorite Twins in that group.

  4. Nice pickups. I was very fortunate to get most of my '74 and '75 stars for even less than that, but the ones that I didn't like the '74 Schmidt, were difficult to track down. Getting those Washington variations is very impressive.

    1. Those are dupes. I completed my 74' set long ago. Well I need 1 Washington Variation, but those in the scan are dupes.

  5. What the heck? Those are some insane deals.

    By the way... which song are you referring to? Four popped into my head: the Phil Collins song, the Michael Jackson song, the Earth Wind and Fire song, and the Jay Sean song.

  6. These aren't sets that I care for too much, but I still would've bought these at that price, if only to have something to send out to other people.