Thursday, September 7, 2023

Richie Rich

 This go around is part two from Richie up in Jacksonville.

I can't help myself when I see the refractor parallels for those 52' Chrome Platinum cards.

Artist Proofs and framed parallels from Diamond Kings. Not to mention the top row in case you may have heard of those fellas.

I'm going to have refrain from grabbing anymore of these. Pretty sure I've gotten them all by now. I won't know for sure as they are in the PC boxes. BTW I do have an update on that particular project that I have been putting off for three years.

I completed the first round of sorting those monster boxes. Apx 60,000 cards now placed in show boxes alphabetically by last name. Not the players in alphabetical order yet. That is the 2nd wave of sorting. I will take the 2 1/2 show boxes of players with the last name beginning with the letter A and sort them by players and alphabetically as well. Once I do the "As", then I can pull up the excel sheets for the "As" and see which ones I actually need. Add the ones I didn't have, put the other dupes in the trade boxes. Take the new additions inside and wait to re-do the PC binders. I will have to comingle the cards from the 2 major sorts I did while in Georgia with the ones I am in the process now before i can actually put them into my binders. I have to wait because I want them chronologically in the books. If I don't wait I'll be messing with them three more times just for what I have. Nope, not going to handle them that many times. Then I can move on to the letter "B", and so on.

Now you know why I put it off.

Finishing up with a run of Mickey Mantle cards. Plus I just realized that I still had one more of the surprises out of that monster box of vintage cards. OOPS!

I'll have to post that one up Tuesday and then finish with Richie's cards on Wednesday. 


  1. Those minis would look sweet as a perforated sheet.

  2. I like the Mantles in newer Topps designs.

  3. The Mantle cards are nice. Especially the one with Killebrew and Mays.

  4. Digging those Mantle cards. Do they have the original backs on them? Might be a cheap way for me to cross them off of my lists.

    1. I can't remember at the moment. Because a lot of them are on newer designs when he had no cards I believe that the backs are not the same as the original versions. When I get to sorting the M's in my PC I'll see them again and let you know.

  5. That card of Mickey at Fenway is great; it could practically be a photo from a game in 2023, except for the weird way the logo is positioned on his batting helmet.

    That Guidry card is really nice too. And Kaline at Yankee Stadium. And Ernie Banks "Let's Play Two". Just so many nice cards all around.

  6. Ty Cobb almost looks like Honus Wagner in the photo that they used for that Diamond Kings card.

  7. Those Topps Platinum Chrome refractors are sweet! I wonder if anyone has built a complete set yet.