Thursday, September 1, 2022

CARD SHOW: two and done plus daily giveaway

 By now you know the skiddy on the free baseball card giveaways. Just do it!

Let's finish the card show cards. We did the vintage yesterday so newer stuff today.

A pair of on demand Acuna's and a p[air of parallels to the awesome 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary set. I'll be showing off the complete run of Braves base cards as soon as the next ComC and SportLots orders arrive. 

Pricey relic cards. The fisk is numbered to just 17. But those weren't the only newer nicer PC additions.

Yes a Mantle relic card and low numbered to boot. Normally I wouldn't go for the manufactured patches, but that Jackie Robinson looks really nice. The Vogey auto isn't for me. We know who collects him. Just let me know if you need this one.

Picked up some more Tim Tebow cards. That's it for tonight. Well, other than your comments to enter for the free cards and let you know who won last night.

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  1. That Mantle relic is awesome!! One day I will take the plunge and add one to my collection. For now, an autographed Mantle book I got from a coworker will have to do.
    I also like the Fisk card. He was the all time best catcher before guys like Ivan Rodriguez and Piazza came along.

  2. That Mickey is really great, and so is the one with Nolan Ryan. The Montgomery set is an interesting concept, I wish they did some with players from the year the design was considered.

  3. That Jackie relic is sharp! Kinda like the Mantle as well

  4. Dang, that Jackie Robinson patch card is SWEET!

  5. The Jets Tebow is a nice looking card, and it's got a real background too!