Friday, September 16, 2022

Closing out the verticals plus FREE FREE FREE cards

 Pushing the vertical Braves to the max here.

Probably should have put that Brandon Jones auto with the other two in the scan above it huh. too late.

No idea why I waited so long to scoop any of the zipcode and state parallels of my Braves. 

Oh look another pair of Brandon Jones that should have been with the others too.

Some are the perforated versions.

Several online exclusives, woo woo.

Last night's winner of free baseball cards: FUJI

Rules for the freebies: follow this blog and comment before midnight on each night's post.


  1. Hometown Heroes was an underrated product i think

  2. I really like the Leaf Collections and Donruss Classics cards. The Topps and Bowman Tek cards on the other hand... Not so much. But because I'm a player collector I do have a few!

  3. I counted 3 or 4 more Allard autographs!
    Many of those sets brought back memories from when I purchased a ton of packs from around 2002-2011.

  4. HH Evan Gattis card is nice.

    Good Job!👍

  5. The zipcode choices are interesting. I looked them up 30312 was Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and 30315 was Turner Field. Don't know why they gave Bob Horner the Turner Field zip, he was long retired by the time they opened that stadium up.

    I wish that set used the states/towns/zips of the player's hometown, instead of the team address.

  6. Not a flattering photo of Steve Avery on the HH set

    1. A less flattering photo was Todd Stottlemyre's in the 1992 Pinnacle.. lol

  7. Hometown Heroes was an interesting product. I never sat down and went through to see if there were Canadians in the insert sets.. I do remember a Jays Barfield that had him in Yankees road colours though