Wednesday, September 28, 2022

More from the $20.00 boxes WOMEN......and free cards

 Here is a little something different that came from those 20.00 boxes. First an update. The funeral was today all went well. I am minutes away from heading back to Valdosta so to avoid all ATL "traffic" As for the hurricane, one of my daughters (Ft Myers) has no power and unsure of any damage to her home (please send prayers), the other daughter is heading back to Ocala (left 30 minutes go). Outside of first responders and utility vehicles I don't expect much southbound traffic. 

Now for cards.

I have a trading bud from Old Card Traders out in California that coaches girls sports in general and he always appreciates female athletes on cards. Now I will have one more very scan heavy post from these $20.00 boxes, but I am saving that one for a few weeks.

Last night's winner was the Night Owl.

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  1. Best wishes to your daughter and everyone else down there. We don't get as many hurricanes as you do, but we get enough to know how scary they can be.

    My boss lives in Tampa and evacuated to Atlanta - said the traffic was pretty bad south of the city. Apparently they were doing construction on the main highway even as people were evacuating into the area.

  2. Woo, a victory! ... I like the tennis players, don't have much interest in the others.

  3. Ladies night is terrific, although my eyes aren't working well...and Charlotte Flair or Sue Bird cards?

    Good Job!

  4. I must have missed the announcement that Panini was in the WNBA business. Prayers for your daughters, and glad the funeral went off smoothly.

  5. Hoping everyone makes it out of the storm safe and with minimal damage.

  6. Hope all is well with your daughters!

  7. Praying for your daughter and all other people in the storm area. I like the Prizm cards especially. RJ

  8. Was thinking about you and one of my childhood buddies who lives in Florida this week. Hope you and both of your daughters are okay.

    As for the cards... that Goodwin Champions set is really cool. Sky Brown is one heck of a skater. Gotta imagine she's gonna be the favorite to win gold at the next Olympics.