Monday, September 12, 2022

Oceanside. Free baseball cards.

 Starting off the week with some cards from a big VINTAGE trade with Bo. 

A lot of the cards (25%) in all of the  scans above this line look really good, however many are now on the upgrade list as the backs have issues like writing or a stamp on them. Even a few you can see tape on the front too.  

BUT the cards below will not be replaced. They are really nice front and back.

Oh.... they are also O-Pee-Chee.

At first I was thrown for a loop with the 70's. Bo didn't give me a heads up on the OPC, so when I checked my Topps needs list (which is small I am getting close) I didn't need any of them. I was about to send him an e0mail thinking they were for someone else, but then realized they were the OPC. Made my day. Completely satisfied. 

Thanks Bo.

Sunday's (rare post) winner of the free cards was Derek.

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  1. Glad you like those OPCs! I figure it is better to have a filler card in then have the card completely missing from your collection.

    1. I loved the OPC's. As for the others most were okay and the remaining I always say having a card is better than not having one. Thanks again!

  2. Wow, great OPC stuff. I can never seem to get my hands on any of it.

  3. I wished i knew more about vintage. Some pretty cool stuff

  4. Great vintage! Who won Friday? I think I actually qualified for that one!

  5. Wow nice batch of OPCs. And nice batch of vintage 60s too. One of he things I miss out on as a team collector is batches like this which give a real sense of the set itself.

  6. Oh, I spy some terrific catchers cards of the 1960s.
    Good Job! 👍

  7. It's not very often that you see that much vintage OPC from the same set all in one post.

  8. All of those OPC cards are awesome! Even with my recent 1971 OPC A's pickups... this post has more OPC from the 70's than what I have sitting in my collection.

  9. An OPC Ron Taylor.. I need more Dr. Taylor in my collection. I keep forgetting to see if they ever included him in the team sets for the Jays back in the day..