Friday, September 9, 2022

Next round of ComC cards. FREE FREE FREE

Let's see if I can put out a post with some logo cards, but first last night winner of the free baseball cards is: Nick.

This one if for those HORIZONTAL lovers.

Love the Johnny Sain autographed card. The pair of bottom right are not the ame (serial numbered to different).  

Those SPx look really good side by side like that.

I still need to mark all of this ComC order off of my wantlist, online, excel sheets, and then put in the various TCDB collections. Damn, that's still a lot of work to do.

I think the card count was 1272 or 1232, something crazy. Geez. I better getting to those lists getting them marked off.

Different serial numbering on the Allard autos. One is Blue (the bottom one) it just does show as well in the scan.

Love that ATL swatch.

 The vertical cards will take a few posts to get them done. I also have another all one brand/set post but need a lot of research on that one.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget to follow this blog and comment before midnight to get a chance at free baseball cards.


  1. I like those SPX die cut cards. Always worried that I'm going to get them caught trying to get them into a 9 pocket page though!

  2. That Johnny Sain card is a nice mix of modern design, old time ballplayer, and autograph.

    Some of those cards are pretty weird looking though, like the odd take on "then and now" and the black-and-white Peter Moylan.

  3. Were all of these Braves? The Jose Vidro on the 5th scan is an Expos card.
    I followed the Braves in the mid ‘90’s as my 2nd favorite team before the Rays became a franchise, and I remember Vidro hit his first career HR against them and I’m pretty sure it cost Atlanta the game and I’ve never cared for Vidro since then.

    1. Yes, the lone non-Braves card. I used it to fill the scanner, it still came from the comc order though.

  4. Always liked the Horizontal cards.

    Good Job! 👍

  5. All those relics in the same place! And the Sain auto rules!

  6. Got to love seeing an Expo in the sea of Braves. Jose Vidro.

  7. As much as I love autographs and relics... the card that stood out to me the most was that Flair Showcase Smoltz. I wonder how many people have completed that set. It sure would look great in a binder.

  8. I do like that Sain. I have Yogi and Larsen from that set. It's nice looking for sure.

  9. One pf these days I'll go big on holographic cards. I've been grabbing the Dennys cards but don't know enough about what else is out there.

  10. Looks like I missed the deadline on this one! Crazy cards